Just imagine having a system at your fingertips 24/7/365 that has consistently proven to:

  • Send revenue and margins soaring UP and drive costs DOWN
  • Improve the performance and productivity of even the very best salespeople.
  • Send Revenue & Margins soaring UP and drive costs DOWN.
  • Dramatically impact business profits.
  • Create an absolutely UNFAIR advantage in developing better people.
  • Produce a culture of “Winning on Purpose”
It doesn’t matter if your team is experienced or raw recruits
It doesn’t matter if your team is B2B, Direct Sales, or Internal
It doesn’t matter if you already have the most sophisticated and complete training system

SalesXtra eLearning will work for you..... Nobody does it better.
Stimulating and interactive, SalesXtra’s sophisticated eLearning courses have a proven global track record in developing high performance sales teams.


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Introducing P.R.I.S.M. Solution Selling

P.R.I.S.M. is an acronym representing:

Impact these problems may have in other areas of the business
Solution to the problems
Measurement of the “return on investment” that produces a compelling business proposition.

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When you become a member, every salesperson has their own personal version of P.R.I.S.M. Solution Selling on their personal computer.

When any section is selected it links directly to eLearning or a video.

Available 7/24/365, the salesperson can refresh on a strategy before a meeting or learn at their pace over 200 workshops on their journey to becoming a Top Dog. P.R.I.S.M. Solution Selling is like giving a library of plays to individual players of a sales team.
A set of strategies, tactics, and skill sets which salespeople can use in the different situations they find themselves.
Better Salespeople Make Better Decisions, Negotiate Better Business at Better Margins.

P.R.I.S.M. Solution Selling process provides a significant impact on one or more of the customer’s business processes and presents the solution as a compelling business proposition where the return on investment far exceeds the outlay.

The solution clearly articulates the connection between the solution and the overall impact on the business. When the solution is circulated inside the customer’s decision-making process it’s seen as having much higher value to the overall business than a lower level “product focused” solution.

P.R.I.S.M. is a remarkable tool in assisting salespeople to see account development progress through the eyes of the buyer.

Watch the video to recall a buyer employing the P.R.I.S.M. process to explain a recent purchase to staff members.

The more clearly the connection between the solution and the overall impact on the business can be articulated, then the easier it is for senior influencers to view the solution having much higher value to the overall business than a lower level “product focused” transaction.

The Pareto principle is well known in sales as a generalised term.

80% of revenue is generated by 20% of Salespeople and 20% of salespeople cause 80% of the problems.
This has been a generalised truism ever since selling became an accepted career.

What other industry would put up with such an incredible situation?
….and yet we see it every day in sales.

The solution? Change the base of marketing and leadership thinking.
Change Their Paradigms.

Don’t set goals for the outcomes you want from the sales team, develop systems for every aspect of revenue generation.

Design systems to recruit ordinary people who can be coached to add the Xtra factor and do Xtra-Ordinary things.

Design the sales process and develop systems that are easy to follow.
Simple example:
Lead Generation (marketing) – Approach – Qualification – Needs Analysis – Presentation- Final Negotiation.

Coach every person to MASTERY of each step in the system.

Calculate the difference in profitability if every Salesperson was at least on budget every month. The figures will astound you.

Number of salespeople
Current Average monthly GP
Budget GP

Continually improving the skills and knowledge of your workforce is essential if you are to satisfy demanding customers in rapidly changing markets.

When team members master the skills of their profession they are able to make better decisions that result in better business at better margins. The individuals who manage these people suffer less stress, are able to delegate responsibility with confidence, and effectively manage the performance of all employees.

Training and development are not an optional activity to be awarded as a perk; nor are they to be undertaken for its own sake. Training and Development is an integral part of developing your organization in order to produce clear business benefits. The purpose is to create business success.

It’s vitally important for the long-term viability of the organization that to create a learning environment that includes mentoring, coaching and self-paced learning. Only then is it possible to set objectives that are married to the full potential of both the individual and their job role.

Training and Development is about identifying any gaps in the knowledge or skills of your employees that may prevent them from achieving their business objectives. Training and development fill these gaps and ensures that when the individuals are at work on their own, they can complete the job to a satisfactory level.

SalesXtra eLearning courses provide the strategies, tactics and competencies that ensure full productivity and profitability from all team members.

Better People
        Better Decisions
                Better Business
                        Better Margins

Self-Paced On Line Learning combines the new business
marketing process with a high-quality sales process that is Reputable: Predictable: Scalable and Measurable.

The result is a world class, cost effective sales development program that turns new business opportunities into high-quality sales.

Developing a High Performance Sales Team means that you must be sure that...

  • They are clea about what is expected of them and when
  • You are using their talents and strengths positively
  • You are able to identify any gaps in their knowledge, skills or experience, and help them to bridge those gaps

Unlock the profit potential in your business and upskill your entire team for less than the cost of a single person attending a one-day program.