Negotiating for Profit

A Collaborative negotiating approach ensures that both parties maximise their individual “wins”.

Collaborative Sales Negotiators don’t haggle over dividing the pie, they work with the customer to create a bigger pie.

The program is designed specifically for salespeople to counter strategies employed by the competitive buying negotiator.

It is often said that there are only three ways to make more profit. Raise prices, sell more at the same rate or cut costs.

This program adds a fourth dimension, to achieve greater profitability in today's modern business environment there is a specific requirement to develop the skills which enable Negotiators to:


Target Audience:

Sales Management, Salespeople, Account Managers.

Buyers wishing to learn sales negotiation strategies.

Any staff member considering purchasing in the near future.
6 Interactive Courses
Duration recommendation 12 weeks.

Course 1: Pre-Negotiation Sales Process Analysis Tool
  • CRM Style of measuring the % opportunity of a successful negotiation. The analysis allows negotiators to make last minute changes to their approach or the negotiating variables.
Course 2: Negotiating Power
  • Negotiating Guidelines
  • Negotiating Power Checklist Negotiating Power
Course 3: The Competitive Buying Negotiator
  • Negotiation Preparation
  • Preliminaries
  • The Opening Gambit
  • Gaining Concessions
Course 4: Buying Negotiators Personal Workshop
  • Buyer’s Negotiating Style
  • Negotiating Outcomes
  • Basic Negotiating Styles
  • Buying Negotiating Case Study
Course 5: The Collaborative Sales Negotiator
  • Preparation
  • Preliminaries
  • Bargaining
  • Finalising
Course 6: Negotiating for Profit

This course is a case study where the participant becomes both the buyer and seller.

All the new skills learned from the previous courses will be required to complete this module

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