During both the flip book and SalesXtra50 interactive library, participants will be encouraged to market themselves as a Key Person of Influence.

Part of this strategy is to create personal videos direct from the Video Marketing tool.

There are many free teleprompters available on the web to assist.

Participants often have difficulty in creating a 90 second video without a break, and here’s where we can help.

Instead of becoming frustrated at not being able to complete a video, simply continue until the video is complete. Send the video with all the glitches and our team will edit out all the errors and send back a complete, error free, video.

Alternatively, a video shot against a blue screen (available at all technology stores) will be turned into a very special video by our team.
Watch the video below as an example.


90 second video created from multiple parts: US$95

Blue Screen special with text and animation: US$145

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