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Welcome to SalesXtra Membership, the world’s leading online interactive sales development system.


Our Mission

The purpose of SalesXtra is to assist our members to eliminate the 7 causes of poor performance and develop a “High Performance” sales culture in all divisions of their business in order to consistently Obtain, Maintain and Develop “High Quality” business BETTER than any of their competitors.


SalesXtra is a unique Membership system that greatly increases your supply of opportunities and boost sales performance.
Membership provides you with 12 months of low cost, high value access to the world’s No1 on-line sales development system.

Typically, our members are businesses looking for continuous improvement systems to generate more revenue, improve profitability, lower costs and boost sales productivity.


SalesXtra Membership is a great way to add flexibility to your training budget.


Becoming a member of the SalesXtra system means that you will have:

  • 12 months of low cost, high value access to the world’s largest multi-media on-line sales training system.
  • A complete system to attract, motivate and develop better salespeople.
  • A suite of profiling tools to assess Attitude, Aptitude, Sales Competency and Leadership potential.
  • Unique Mentor Workshop system to develop a culture of High Performance.
  • The tools to “FAST TRACK” your sales team to full profitability.
  • The world’s most advanced interactive training system to dramatically increase the quality of business generated.
  • Discounted public workshop courses.
  • Direct support with a Membership Support Coach.

Our members are all good at what they do and good at servicing their customers. What's missing for them is their ability to differentiate themselves from the masses and market their products and services as effectively as they would like.

They want a guiding hand to help their salespeople to get in front of the right prospects with the right sales process and convert a higher percentage of their prospects into high-yielding customers.

Membership provides you with a complete system to attract, motivate and develop better salespeople.
Better salespeople make better decisions, negotiate better business, at better margins.

When you combine brilliant new ideas, productivity systems, proven mentoring strategies and the amazing eLearning interactive
multi-media library, the result is a world class, cost effective mentoring and coaching program.

Membership provides you with access to the sales tools, personal development, performance management and training systems needed to raise every member of your sales team to the extreme profitability level.



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