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Isn't it time to reap the rewards of your experience in your own business?
Now you can be part of the on-line revolution with the world’s
#1 Sales Development System trusted since 1984 on 5 continents.

How can you use your experience?
  • Human Resource Consultant
  • Telephone or Skype video consultancy
  • Sales Mentor/Coach
  • In-House facilitated sales training
  • Public workshop sales training
  • Business development consultant
  • Marketing
  • Specific consultancy projects

On-line learning is a huge and growing market; the need for Mentors and Coaches has never been greater.

SalesXtra combines innovative ideas, proven productivity systems and effective mentoring strategies with the flexibility of high quality, interactive online learning and public workshops. The result is a world class, cost effective sales development program that can be tailored to clients of all sizes across all industries.

As a SalesXtra Specialist you will have a license to coach and mentor our members using SalesXtra's world-class on-line sales development systems, you will be securing a highly profitable income and be on the road to creating a substantial business.

The SalesXtra system provides complete solutions for Management, Sales and Sales Support staff in the essential areas of Selection, Induction, Training and Development and Performance Management. It is by far the most effective approach to ensure that sales organisations achieve their No1 priority:

To obtain, maintain and develop high quality business BETTER than any of their competitors.


Proven Business Model

  • SalesXtra has proven sales training systems, tools and interactive programs that have been tested and applied over many years. Since 1984 salespeople, sales managers and business owners, across 5 continents, have benefited from our systems. The system works for our customers and will work for you too.
  • Our unique marketing system will provide you with introductions to new customers eager to form on-going relationships

Is this a Franchise?

No! There are no franchise fees or joining fees.

Enjoy significant benefits:

  • You will benefit from a unique marketing plan to generate a steady, consistent and predictable flow of new business customers.
  • We will supply you with the complete system to develop an entire organisation or a single individual.
  • We will also supply you with a range of tools that will add value to your training and consultancy.
  • There are no territory restrictions except for public courses; follow your clients across the continents.
  • Crucially, you may also decide to hold or operate other licenses and products. We do not legally put a claim on most or all of your time (unlike franchise operations).

What's the next step?

We are just as diligent as you are in wanting to make sure this opportunity is the right for both parties. The next step is to arrange a confidential discussion.

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