About Us

Developing a High-Performance Sales Team who will Obtain, Maintain and Develop Quality Business BETTER than any of your competitors isn’t easy.

And it doesn’t happen overnight.





We cover every aspect of sales from recruiting the right people with a unique , user friendly, Virtual Interviewer that slashes recruitment time and speeds up the interview process.

7 world class Assessment Profiles to ensure you hire only the very best fit for your sales team. Interactive Selling Skills pinpoints the precise skills level of each team member.

50 highly interactive eLearning Modules cover all stages of the sales process.
Teach your sales leaders to coach with a sales module for every sales meeting.

Unlock the profit potential in your business and upskill your entire team for less than the cost of a single person attending a one-day program.

  • New Business Development “Fast Tracks” new entrants or under-performers to full profitability in a fraction of the normal time.
  • Tactical Probing Skills help salespeople to project a consultative image to their customers.
  • P.R.I.S.M. Solution Selling generates astonishing results with a sales process designed to maximise the outcome of account development.
  • Selling through the Buyer’s Eyes. For experienced salespeople who want to tackle the big accounts and generate compelling business propositions.
  • Negotiating for Profit.
    It is often said that there are only three ways to make more profit. Raise prices, sell more at the same rate or cut costs.
    The modules in this course add a fourth dimension; to achieve greater profitability in today's modern business environment there is a specific requirement to develop the skills which enable Negotiators to NEGOTIATE A BETTER WIN-WIN SETTLEMENT.

Video Messaging Systems

Digital marketing system to unlock the profit potential in our customer’s businesses through continuous and low cost video messaging.

Why XtraGroup?

The purpose of XtraGroup is to assist our members to eliminate the 7 Key Reasons why Salespeople fail to reach their full potential or fail completely.

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XtraGroup is a complete system to grow your business.

SalesXtra was founded by Tony Martin in 1985.

After successful international sales and business career where he excelled in senior management, sales and marketing with a major corporate company, Tony later developed SearchXtra and MarketingXtra. Today, they are known as the XtraGroup.

XtraGroup’s reputation developed with continued success in a cross section of industry and commerce. Industry groups include:

Capital Equipment, IT, Transport, Motor Vehicle, Office Equipment, Fuel and Oil, Printing and Publishing, Newspapers, Telecommunications, Insurance, Banking, Retail Sales, and Manufacturing. XtraGroup’s systems are used extensively in Europe, U.S.A. and South East Asia.

Tony continues to be the driving force behind continuous improvement to eliminate the 7 causes of poor sales performance.