Selling Through the Buyers Eyes

This course is concerned with the concept of “Selling through the Buyers Eyes”.

One of the key characteristics of High-Performance Salespeople is their ability to “Sell on Purpose”. This means that every action and activity is done on purpose to a purpose.

Selling through the Buyers Eyes requires the salesperson to understand and position with the 5 factors customers use, either consciously or subconsciously, to evaluate any proposal and purposefully develop strategies to influence each decision factor.

Before entering the final stage of the selling cycle or calling for buying action, it’s vital for both parties to openly acknowledge that the proposal is recognised as the preferred solution.

By standing in the customers’ shoes, and viewing the sales situation through their eyes, we can use these 5 factors to measure progress to becoming the preferred solution. Armed with this knowledge, salespeople will then be able to call for a buying decision with confidence.

Understanding and positioning with the 5 Decision Factors opens the door to premium pricing opportunities and pinpoints the precise percentage opportunity of completing the sales objective.
10 Interactive Courses
Duration recommendation 12 weeks.

Course 1: Selling Through the Buyer’s Eyes I
  • Customer’s No1 Priority
  • How Customer’s Make Buying Decisions
  • Interactive Game. Understanding business cashflow
  • Salesperson’s No1 Priority
Course 2: Selling Through the Buyer’s Eyes II
  • Traffic Light System
  • 5 Customer Decision Factors
  • Measuring Account Progress – Unique sales tool
Course 3: Selling Through the Buyer’s Eyes III
  • Influencing Strategies
  • Analysing Opportunities / SWOT analysis
  • Workshops
Course 4: Positioning with the Buying Influencers
  • Understanding Primary Decision Maker
  • Buying Influencers
  • Pathfinder / Blocker
Course 5: Satisfying Personal Needs
  • Case Studies
  • Positioning with Personal Needs
  • Involving Influencers
  • Workshops
Course 6: Interpersonal Selling Skills
  • Bull
  • Owl
  • Peacock
  • Lamb
  • Toxic Relationships
Course 7: Developing a Positive Track Record
  • The Emotional Bank
  • 6 Major Deposits
  • Establishing a Comfort Zone
Course 8: Buyer’s Receptivity to Change
  • 5 Levels of Receptivity
  • Current Perception
  • Receptivity to Change
  • Perceived Discrepancy
  • Case Study
Course 9: Process Opportunities Rating
  • Sun Tzu guidelines
  • Preferred Supplier Status
  • Preparing a Compelling Business Proposition
Course 10: Developing a Compelling Business Proposition
  • Fascinating Case Study that puts all the learning in the previous courses into action.

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