All successful businesses have a continuous marketing program to generate a steady, consistent and predictable flow of interest from new prospects.

To generate a steady, consistent and predictable flow of new business opportunities, you need a systematic process to unlock the profit potential in your business.

And that's what we do!

Video allows salespeople to present themselves to prospects in an engaging story-telling and authentic manner.

The tone of their voice, the body language, as well as background and surroundings, all of these elements in video allow the salesperson to tell a more compelling story than email.

Video humanises the act of selling by showing a real person, who can directly address a prospect and their needs, offering a solution. It’s the next best thing to meeting someone face-to-face.

Every member of your sales team has unlimited access to Video Marketing tools. Here salespeople will be able to create personal marketing videos to become a Key Person of Influence and carry out their Tsunami Marketing activities.

Your prospects are busier today than they’ve ever been and it’s not just the traditional gatekeepers that stall your approach.
Technology has taken full control. The telephone, so long the traditional approach, no longer produces the access you need to build relationships.

Video helps you to truly connect with your prospects and clients and build important relationships before the first approach.
Video humanises your approach and let’s your prospect “feel” your personality, enjoy your smile and trust your body language.
You can’t do that in an email or a brochure.

Create a “Key Person of Influence” with personal videos.

Tell your customer something they didn’t know about a problem they didn’t even know existed.

Your intelligent information and problem-solving information messages make you the “Go To” person when they need HELP. Yes, if you’re a Key Person of Influence”, your prospects will call you for HELP rather than a PRICE. What would that do for your conversion rates.

Compare this video to an email text as an introduction.

Dramatize Product Presentations

Dramatizing product presentation with video marketing is a powerful new method of communication with individuals or mass prospecting.

Video separates the sender from the mass of email marketing and dramatically increases the contact to conversion ratio.
Your video opens full screen with links to your website and a “click the link” to book a demonstration.

53% of people search the web for information but only 6% of people buy that way. It takes a stimulus to excite the imagination and a simple “no work” system to get them started. Video Marketing does all that for you.

Regular video presentations set you apart from the competition.

Real Estate Promotions

We sell our homes through people we Like, Trust and Respect.

Consistent video marketing puts you in the lounge of your buyer’s and encourages them to discuss YOU and your homes. Imagine being able to send every Virtual Home video direct to thousands of potential buyers, would that generate interest in how you may market their home?

Motor Vehicle Presentation

Seldom do people buy logically. They buy emotionally and defend the sale with logic. Nothing is more emotional in marketing than video. With XtraGroup’s unique landing page you can put your emotional appeal in full screen in front of thousands of potential buyers at NO COST.

Video is opened 68% more than email and has 10x the message recall.

Video Marketing’s special method of playing the video when it hits the inbox, attracts attention and curiosity especially if you add the person’s name to the first few frames of the video.

Video Marketing is the start of the new business sales process, and puts salespeople face to face with the people who matter most!

Watch the video to see why video messaging
can double, triple or quadruple your sales penetration.


When the viewer clicks a link in the email (or posts to browser), the link opens to an amazing new landing page.

Landing pages are used in campaigns so that when the viewer clicks to view the video, rather than just playing the video the viewer is transported to a customised landing page that will show your contact details, play the video in full screen and promote special messages with links to your website.

The landing page allows the customer to send their details or message through a contact form without any complex programming skills.

Watch the video to see how easy it is to create a marketing video campaign with a landing page.

You can make your own videos simply recording yourself with your screen cam and uploading to the system or directly from your iPhone.
Or you can take advantage of XtraGroup’s library of promotional videos, personalised to your business.

Either way, you just personalise your web page links and in seconds you are ready to say “Hello” to thousands of people in your data base.
Imagine introducing a new team member to your entire base, all at the touch of a button.

View a selection of V Marketing videos below. Each is tailored to your brand and company

You’ve seen only a fraction of the applications for video messaging.
When you join our team we’ll work with you to develop your unique video messaging process.

Simple and easy to create. Exceptionally cost effective.

You'll be amazed at how easy it is to create, manage and deliver video marketing campaigns in just 3 simple steps.

When you become a member you will receive:
  • Unlimited video emails
  • Unique landing page with links to website or special promotions
  • Automatic video start when landing in prospects in-box
  • The worlds' most advanced and easy to use editor to create fantastic video brochures
  • Campaign Automation
  • Campaign Tracking: open/clicks/plays etc
  • Market to multiple groups
  • Integration with customer’s website
  • Email and Phone support