New Business Development

10 Interactive Courses
Duration recommendation 12 weeks.

New Business is the lifeline of every business. The modern day market place won’t allow unskilled salespeople to simply quote and hope and expect to gain their business.
The current sales model is clearly broken. With margins falling every year and support revenue being continuously eroded by competitive tactics and poor sales processes, many businesses must sell up to 50% more today to make the same profit they made 5 years ago. To compete effectively today, the fact that we need to reinvent the way we sell is clear to most management & salespeople; what is not clear is how to do that.
This course demonstrates the process and system to gain to multiple new sales opportunities.

Course 1: The Journey to Top Dog
  • Introduction – the Journey
  • Sales Dogs in Sales Roles
  • The 4 stages to Top Dog
  • Top Dog’s 10 Golden Rules
Course 2: Top Dog Workshops
  • The Formula for Selling Success
  • The Xtra Factor
  • A Team v Z Team
Course 3: Territory Management
  • 4 Ways to Improve Profitability
  • 3 Key Factors in Business Profitability
      Model Sales Territory for Profit
    Course 4: The 7 Question Challenge
    • The 7 Questions
    • Communication Skills
    • Workshops
    Course 5: Ideal Customer Profile
  • Identify Ideal Customer Profile
  • Blue Ocean v Red Ocean
  • Ideas for Action
Course 6: Grow My Business
  • Information Gathering
  • Field Canvassing
  • Handling Obstacles
Course 7: Tsunami Marketing
  • Salesperson’s Marketing Role
  • Marketing Concepts
  • Key Person of Influence
  • Link to VMarketing system
Course 8: Telephone Prospecting
  • AIDCA Formula
  • Telephone Prospecting
  • Workshops
Course 9: Telephone Obstacles
  • Responding to questions
  • Handling Obstacles
  • When the Prospect says NO
  • Workshops
Course 10: Productivity
  • P.O.D. Self-Management System
  • Time Management Matrix
  • Time / Territory Management Game
  • Electronic Daily Itinerary

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