When you merge 3 powerful systems SalesXtra, SearchXtra and MarketingXtra
you get the amazing Xtra Factor.

The Xtra Factor helps ordinary salespeople to perform at Xtra-Ordinary levels.

SalesXtra has been specifically designed to be a low cost, web only, membership service producing outstanding results for the salesperson, customer and the organisation.

MarketingXtra is the ultimate system to obtain a steady, consistent and predictable flow of new business opportunities and convert them to profitable sales.

SearchXtra slashes the time involved in selecting the right people.

XtraGroup provides the complete process to sell at the “Trusted Advisor” Level.

Trusted Advisors’ control account development with a high quality “Solution Selling” sales process. They are in the unique group of 20% salespeople who make 80% of sales.

If you want Salespeople to sell at the highly profitable “Trusted Advisor” level, then Management and Salespeople must first understand what is meant by Trusted Advisor.

Click on the picture to view the 4 paradigm shifts that are vital in building a high-performance sales team.

If all of your salespeople are above budget and sell at the trusted advisor level then congratulations…we can help you to maintain that status.

If any of your team are below budget and cannot sell at the trusted advisor level, then you owe it to your company and sales team to become a XtraGroup member today.