7 Vital and Unique Tools to Boost Sales Performance

SalesXtra, the world’s leading online interactive sales development system.

Our mission

The purpose of SalesXtra is to assist our members to develop a “High Performance” sales culture in all divisions of their business and eliminate the 7 Key Reasons why Salespeople fail to reach their full potential or fail completely.

The Outcome

Top Dog Salespeople consistently Obtain, Maintain and Develop “High Quality” business BETTER than any of their competitors.


SalesXtra Membership is a low cost, effective way to add flexibility to your training budget.

Double, treble and in many instances, quadruple sales opportunities.

A unique, and exceptionally successful, interactive on-line tool to complete a thorough needs analysis, without either person leaving their computer. Yet, both feel in their comfort zone as if they are sitting side by side.

What would that do to productivity and time management?
What would that do for your profitability?

30 minutes learning time.



Lowest possible cost – highest possible impact.

Digital marketing is no longer an optional extra for small business. It’s not who you know that counts; it’s who knows YOU that matters.

Your message lands right in the primary decision maker’s inbox - ready for the activating event that triggers a call for help.

Marketing must tell your prospects that your sales team have knowledge, expertise and problem-solving skills superior to their current supplier and they can add value to their operations.

When salespeople develop their personal brand and create a perception of being high value, then doors that were previously closed, will readily open.

Video marketing allows salespeople to displace a large volume of prospects who are currently buying from your competitors.

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Grow every sales Territory with 3 amazing tools.

There are only 4 ways known to improve profit in any sales territory.

Using this sales tool, salespeople will be able to:

  • Review profit improvement opportunities and develop basic strategies in sales territory profit improvement.
  • Have a thorough understanding of the 4 ways to improve revenue performance.
  • Establish a marketing direction to increase profitability & market share.
  • Model sales territory for continuous growth & profit improvement.
  • Have a written action plan to implement growth strategies.


Yet studies prove that over 50% of salespeople in all industries are underperforming.

Just imagine having a system of 50+ eLearning sales meetings at your fingertips 24/7/365 that has consistently proven to:

  • Send revenue and margins soaring UP and drive costs DOWN.
  • Improve the performance and productivity of even the very best salespeople.
  • Send Revenue & Margins soaring UP and drive costs DOWN.
  • Dramatically impact business profits.
  • Create an absolutely UNFAIR advantage in developing better people.
  • Produce a culture of “Winning on Purpose”

P.R.I.S.M. Solution Selling is like giving a library of plays to individual players of a sales team.

A set of strategies, tactics, and skill sets which salespeople can use in the different situations they find themselves.

50 eLearning modules in 5 certificated groups.
Better Salespeople
Make Better Decisions
Negotiate Better Business at
Better Margins.

When measuring account development progress is essential.

Strategy + Process + 5 Customer Decision Factors = Success

The most accurate and precise method of measuring of sales processes.
Produce accurate sales forecasts.
Feedback on WHY accounts are Won, Lost or Did Not Proceed.
See the sales funnel at a glance.
Measure your opposition’s progress.

Employ the 5 customer decision factors to compare progress v competition through the buyer's eyes.

Virtual interviewing is the future of recruitment.

Gain insight on candidates that you couldn't ever get from a CV or a phone call.

Make better decisions about the candidates you select for a personal interview.

Instead of interviewing job candidates in person, a virtual interviewer lets you speak to applicants on the web by way of video calling / video conferencing or through pre-recorded video where job candidates can leave recorded responses using their webcam for you to view at your leisure.

Applicants report very favorably on the process.

Here’s how it works.

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Without the “right” people.
Business success is elusive and difficult, if not impossible.

The Best People are like Diamonds, Highly Prized and Rarely found

Recruiting potential staff members who have the correct aptitude, attitude and competency to meet the organization's objectives is the first and most important step in building a high-performance workforce.

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