Membership Support


Members are supported through a network of SalesXtra Specialists strategically located throughout Australia, USA, United Kingdom, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Your SalesXtra Specialist will agree with you the level of support required and discuss the membership options available to meet your unique development needs.

Support Options:

  • Email Course Guidance
  • Telephone or Skype video Consultancy
  • ELearning with video conferencing
  • In-House Train-The-Trainer / Coach
  • In-House Facilitated Workshops
    • + Building a High Performance Sales Team
    • + P.R.I.S.M. Solution Selling
    • + Negotiating for Profit
  • Sales Development Specialist
  • Specific Consultancy Projects
  • Recruitment Strategies

SalesXtra Specialists are highly skilled in implementing the components of the Membership System;
they will work with you to maximise the potential of your membership in 3 easy phases:

Phase I gets your membership off to a flying start.
Your SalesXtra Specialist will help you to become familiar with the SalesXtra system components:

Phase II puts what you have learned so far into practise
A complete profile of the current sales team is obtained through the Assessment Centre and 50 Performance Management Sales Behaviours.

Strategies for “constant efforts at improvement” are developed from the Leadership course “Building a High Performance Sales Team” featuring the 8 Sales Dogs.

You are now ready to press the GO button and set your profit machine to work for you.

Phase III Introduces eLearning and the Mentor Support Workshops to your sales team, closely followed by the Performance Management system of Sales Behaviours.

Involve everyone in the organisation:

  • Management
  • Sales
  • Advanced Salespeople
  • Negotiators
  • Sales Support
  • Office Staff

eLearning courses may be accessed on any computer using the password supplied to each individual.

The Assessment centre will have identified the level of development each individual has attained and a unique plan can be implemented to raise every salesperson’s performance to the extreme profitability level.

You now have the complete system to develop a culture of winning on purpose and a proven route to building a better business with better people.


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