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SalesXtra is a wholly owned subsidiary of Total Performance Group Pty Ltd and is incorporated in Queensland, Australia. SalesXtra was formed in 2007 specifically to promote the sales coaching systems, multi-media library and public workshop programs developed by Total Performance Group Pty Ltd.

Total Performance Group
Total Performance Group was founded by Tony Martin in 1984 after a successful international business career where he excelled with one of Australia's top ten companies in Senior Management, Sales and Marketing. Total Performance Group's reputation developed with continued success in a cross section of industry and commerce. Industry groups include Capital Equipment, IT, Transport, Motor Vehicle, Office Equipment, Fuel and Oil, Printing and Publishing, Newspapers, Telecommunications, Insurance, Banking, Retail Sales, and Manufacturing. In addition to our corporate and SME clients around Australia, Total Performance programs are used extensively in Europe, U.S.A. and South East Asia.


In 1990 Total Performance Group formed a business partnership with Queensland based corporation Incitec Ltd to pioneer the principle of interactive training through laser vision. This highly successful venture went on to produce the largest library of human resource programs in the southern hemisphere. In 1994 Total Performance Group developed the first Australian produced Human Resource CD Rom program and since then further programs have been developed to complete the world's largest on-line multi-media sales development system. 2007: SalesXtra was created to further promote virtual learning systems.



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