Behaviour ratings explained

Level I : Not yet competent

This level assumes that the person:

Is ready to commence learning the skill.

Has a high degree of enthusiasm and commitment to learning the new skill.

Recognises that he/she lacks the competence in skills or ability.

Visible indications:

This person may sometimes use the sales skill but does not understand the application.

Cannot explain the process.

Requires immediate training and field coaching.

Seeks continuous direction and guidance.

Inconsistent results.

Lacks initiative - indecisive.

Works only on short-term results.

Sets plans but doesn't follow plans.

Level II: Competent

Competent to explain: Not confident to apply.

Knows what to do but pauses to think before acting.

Lacks confidence or willingness to complete the behavioural sequence and generally shortcuts the process.

Needs additional coaching, mentoring and exposure to opportunities to improve performance.

Visible indications:

A person who is competent in using the sales skill will often use the process and generally understands what to do, but must pause & think before applying the skill.

Lacks reflexive responses. When an unexpected situation develops tends to quickly revert to their natural and familiar response. This may be to quit, argue or concede.

One of the key definitions of the competent stage is the salesperson’s ability to explain the process used to apply the sales behaviour but lacks confidence or willingness to complete the skill process/sequence and generally shortcuts the process.

Needs additional coaching, mentoring and exposure to opportunities to improve performance.

Level III: Competent and Confident

Usually uses the behaviour but sometimes reverts to old habits when faced with pressure situations.

Can explain the process.

Confident using the behavioural sequence when in control of the situation.

Area of sound performance.

Visible indications:

Has developed reflexive responses to familiar sales situations.

Can explain fully the skills process and the common areas of application.

Confident and willing to use the skills process when in control of the sales situation.

Needs additional exposure to challenging opportunities to enhance reflexive responses.

To maintain motivation and growth this person needs:

Empowerment to innovate and initiate action.

Advanced skills development.

New challenges.

Team building participation.

Opportunities to assist in field “buddy” activities.

Level IV: Mastery

Always uses the behaviour in all situations.

Competent to mentor others in use of the process.

Persists with behaviour in pressure situations

Area of excellent performance.

Visible indications:

Consistently achieves above average results.

High personal motivation.

Makes things happen; searches for innovative ideas continuously.

High success rate; enjoys success and actively seeks it.

Appears consistently to be able to achieve objectives with little or no assistance.

Appears to others as visible and available with a sense of urgency.

Encourages others to succeed.

Has an extremely open mind to new ideas.

Totally committed, gives 100%.

Does not have the time or inclination to be ill.

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