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Hi, I’m Tony Martin.

Welcome to the Sales Graduates “Fast Track” program.

I started my career in sales at just 20 and it’s been my passion ever since.

When I was a young teenager, I was given some brilliant words of wisdom to be successful in life.


My first passion was sport but, unfortunately, a critical injury cut my professional career short. While I was recuperating I had time to reflect and consider what else I could be good at and, like a lot of people, I thought I might like to TRY sales.

My problem then was probably the same as yours is right now, how do I get started... I couldn’t even get an interview.

All the good employers were using recruitment companies and they wouldn’t give me a second glance.

It was very frustrating, annoying and time consuming. Meanwhile I had no income.

About 4am one morning the message finally hit home, I got the wake-up call I needed.

I remembered the words of wisdom from my teenage years. I was no value to an employer. I had no selling skills, no experience and worst of all I had no real idea why I wanted to be in sales... I was just thinking of trying out for the team. This was not me!

Would you employ someone with an attitude like that? Of course not, and neither would any competent business person. I needed that “kick in the pants” and I set out to find a course on how to sell.

Many years ago, that was a lot more difficult than I thought, but I finally bought a correspondence course in How To Become a Salesperson.

There were 12 sections in the course and my job was to read the information, practice with exercises and reply in writing every week to the school. (If you are a millennial, yes there was a time in history without the internet, email or google)

This was an expensive course. In today’s currency it would be approximately two months average salary, so I was determined to make it work for me.

After 4 weeks they asked me if I was ready for an interview with prospective employers. I couldn’t believe it. I had tried and tried to get an interview by myself and now someone I didn’t even know was arranging interviews for me. My reply was very enthusiastic and very positive. The following Tuesday I had two interviews and a week later I was offered a position with the second company. I was on my way.

I promised myself that I would be as passionate about the job as I had been in sport. After a rocky start, I gradually learned my products and loved learning the selling skills. There were 120 people in the sales team scattered across the country. After18 months I was in the top 20. After two years I was in the top 5 and after 3 years I was No1 and my earnings were 5 x my Fathers. The rest is history. I stepped into a sales manager’s role and eventually into a very senior management position with a much larger corporation.

As my journey continued I discovered a new passion; coaching, training and mentoring salespeople.

At first it was just the new hires and then the experienced people started to take notice. I was like a golf pro whose job is to polish skills and technique to reduce handicaps.

It was at this time that I once again recalled the words of wisdom from my teenage years. I got so good at it that over 30 years ago I left the comfort zone of the corporate world and the genesis of my new business was born.

I wanted to share my vision of how to develop the Xtra Factor with salespeople and managers. The Xtra Factor is that special capability that allows ordinary salespeople to perform at Xtra-ordinary levels and boost their personal value.

Soon, I had a solid customer base and built powerful business partnerships with many corporates and quality sales organisations. I became passionate about self-paced interactive learning and my team developed the very first interactive programs in Australia.

We enjoyed the success of our students as much as we enjoyed our own wins. The quality of our courses allowed us to grow SalesXtra to be one of the world’s largest online sales development web site.

Each year we help hundreds of salespeople to “Fast Track” their sales career into their dream job.



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Your very own course Mentor

Within 24 hours of you registering for the Graduates “Fast Track” course, you will be contacted directly by your SalesXtra Mentor.

All Mentors have received extensive training by SalesXtra are recognised as Platinum Partners.

Here’s why you need a Mentor.

In an average recruitment process for a sales role, the interviewer can expect to be overwhelmed with up to 50 resumes from hopeful candidates.

Yes, some resumes received are automatically refused because they do not meet the job criteria, and more may be disqualified simply because of the resume presentation.

Irrespective, you will have fierce competition to get noticed.

The primary challenge every candidate faces is standing out from the crowd of hopeful resumes.

The interviewer’s job is to hire the best person for the position. Most of the candidates that make it to the interview stage are qualified for the job however, the winning candidate must be more than qualified, especially in a very competitive job market.


Every hire is a risk for the company. Your interviewer will also be taking a personal career risk in recommending a particular candidate to hire. If the candidate performs well, the Interviewer looks brilliant and gets a pat on the back.

If the candidate turns out to be a dud (doesn’t perform well, doesn’t get along with the team, leaves the job prematurely, etc.), the interviewer looks like a dummy and their professional reputation suffers.


Interviewers are just normal people doing their job and they experience the same emotions as you do, with the exception that they usually have a clear picture of the person they want in their team.


We can help you to be that “stand-out” person with the exclusive Sales Graduate “Fast Track” course.


Start now to land your dream sales job

New World Selling Skills to “WOW” the interviewer

Take a look at the chart opposite.


You will learn during the first module in the New Business Development course, that the chart describes the 4 stages all salespeople must pass through on their journey to becoming a Top Dog.


The most profitable and the most pursued is the Top Dog. They are a rare breed and revered within the sales team.


The least profitable is the Puppy and yet all salespeople must start their career at this entry point.


Every employer wants to hire a Top Dog, but they also know that Top Dogs are extremely unlikely to respond to a sales role advertisement. They’ve already got a very high paying job.


The least preferred salesperson (unless the role is a sales cadet) is the Puppy stage because they are generally a direct cost to the business and the least likely to become profitable in a reasonable period.


This why the SalesXtra “Fast Track” program is essential.

We will “Fast Track” your journey to Top Dog by providing you with all the selling skills, tactics and activities needed to propel you through the first stage and on to stage 2.


You will be profitable in much shorter period than most other applicants AND, with our help, your journey will continue for a further 12 months after starting your new career.


There are 10 modules in the Fast Track program. Click the picture to view the introduction and then select each of the modules to view brief excerpts from the course.



When you have viewed the demonstration for each module consider your improved value to any prospective employer. Below is a small selection of what you will take with you to the interview.


The ability to:

Employ the Formula For Selling Success

Establish a marketing direction for your sales territory with the 4 ways to improve profitability

Identify your Ideal Customer Profile

Use a questioning style of communication.

Prospect for new business opportunities

Create a marketing campaign to become a “Key Person of Influence”

Encourage intelligent telephone conversations with prospects.

Deal successfully with the common styles of telephone objections.

Manage your time to maximise productive time with customers.



Start now to land your dream sales job


We’ll Help you to Gain the Xtra Factor in Finessing the Sales Interview.

The top 3 challenges you will face in an interview.

After you’ve spent hours clicking into the depths of Linkedin job postings, stalking the Careers page of your dream company and sending out dozens or even hundreds of resumes (and maybe even throwing in some intense voodoo for good measure, the next step standing between you and your dream job could look one of two ways:

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You start your day already wired from a restless or sleepless night and make a quick “Job interview today – wish me luck!” post on social media. The radio is turned off during the commute; instead you’re totally tuned in to all the nervous self-talk in your head.

“What if they ask about the gaps in my resume?

“Are there going to be other people there waiting for the same interview?” Awkward!

What if they tell me I’m under/overqualified for this position, what will I say?”

Before entering the building, you pause for a few moments deep breathing to calm the nerves, but that momentary sense of calm is probably gone as you take the first step into this new, unfamiliar building.

Now you’re called in for the interview. You smile nervously through the nerves that are ever present and analyse everything you say and notice small details in the room as you speak. At some point you’re caught off guard by an unexpected question, your heartbeat races to 120 as you stumble over your words searching for the answer. Or, you are so busy thinking about what you are about to say that you miss a question and have to ask the interviewer to repeat which shows you are not paying attention, flustered you forget to mention one of your greatest strengths.

It’s over now, your heartbeat is back to normal and the nerves have calmed, but you also have no idea how the interview went. You are no closer to your dream job and the frustration cycle is reinforced.

You wake up with the confidence that comes from knowing the outcome. You know exactly how the day ahead of you is going to go – because you have prepared thoroughly you are in the drivers seat and in control of your destiny. It’s a great feeling.

Your sales skills have been fine tuned to “WOW” the interviewer and when you’re challenged to “sell me this pen”, your answer gives you a huge stride towards reaching your full potential.

The confidence doesn’t come just knowing what questions you may be asked and the best way to answer each, that’s very important but what’s more important is you have unique insight into what makes you a start candidate. You have the selling skills, high performance characteristics and a pre-recorded video demonstrating precisely why you’re the ideal team member.

You know, with unhesitating certainty, that the interviewer will be dying to hire you. You’re on fire.

The interview itself goes smoothly. After all, you’ve prepared, practised and refined your answers. You even put yourself through much more stressful situations and difficult questions while practising. At this point, it all feels easy.

You head home full of confidence that not only did the interview go well, you did everything in your power to prepare and show off your strengths. You’re operating at the top of your game.

There are no prizes for guessing that you want your next interview to feel more like option 2.

Let’s explore exactly how to make that happen.

The Top 3 Challenges You’ll Face in an Interview

There are 3 main challenges that you’ll face walking into any interview – whether you are a new sales cadet looking to get your first start or an Key Account Manager being considered by a top corporate company.

If you can focus your preparation to solve just these 3 challenges, you’ll be unstoppable in any interview.

Here’s how to do it.

1. Know Exactly What Questions to Expect

Besides being the most common source of pre-interview anxiety, not knowing what questions to expect can leave you stuttering or stuck in key moments of the interview.

You will find 4 typical interview questions asked in video in the section “Video Interview Questions to Practice Your Response”. There are an additional 16 video questions with a response builder presented in the Sales Graduates program.

You will also need to know about questions specific to your experience level, your chosen industry, the job role and key “competencies” such as selling skills, account management, prospecting or negotiating.

2. Craft Great Responses That “WOW” Interviewers

Forget rambling on and losing your train of thought.

You need to carefully think about the best way to answer each question. Pick stories that make your skills and achievements shine and give the interviewer everything they’re looking for.

That’s right: stories.

The Sales Graduates program “response Builder” tool will help you mine the depths of your memory to find the right stories to tell, and develop your responses into a scripted, proven format that captivates interviewers. And of course, the skills development section provides you all the “triggers” and competencies you’ll want to display in your answers.

3. Overcome Your Nerves and Deliver Naturally

Naturally, you don’t want to be a nervous wreck, but you also don’t want to be a robot! If you don’t practise your answers, neither you nor the interviewer will ever feel completely satisfies with the interview.

Careful and thorough practise is the name of the game if you want to be sure of your body language and eliminate all those pesky “aah’s” and “ummmm’s”.

The Sales Graduates program will help you practise for any nuanced situation you might face. Preparing you to meet with confrontational interviewers or respond to unpredictable questions (or even in appropriate ones to sidestep) or is all part of the program.

You get all our years of experience in a way that you can never get by asking a friend (or a mirror) to be your practise partner.

If you are ready to tackle your job interview the way top achievers do, then continue and test your response to the video interview questions.


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We’ll market you to our Members in video.

Sales Graduates have access to our unique video platform where you can create (with our guidance) your personal commercial highlighting your special talents and, more importantly, why people should call you for an interview.

SalesXtra has members throughout Australia. All are looking to hire new Business Development Account managers who have graduated from SalesXtra academy.

SalesXtra will market you, in video, to your chosen industry group plus an additional 1000 sales managers every week.

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