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Listening is an obvious sales behaviour that salespeople often forget in the excitement of discussing their own specific interests; however, it’s vitally important for salespeople to understand one of the most important laws in communication.


The law of Psychological Reciprocity.


Simply put, the law states that if you do something for the customer that they want you to do, such as listening patiently with active listening when they are speaking, then they will automatically reciprocate when the reverse situation occurs.

Guidelines: When listening to the customer:



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Listen twice as much as you talk. 

Demonstrate patience with slow speaking customers. 

After asking questions, display active listening to encourage the customer to continue their response.  

Develop rapport and trust by displaying empathy for the customer’s situation. 

Listen for the customer’s emotions with your eyes by observing non-verbal communication. 

Listen to what the customer MEANS not just WHAT is said. 

Listen to what the interviewer MEANS not just WHAT is said. 


Imagine an interviewer making a statement similar to this: 

We need salespeople with more experience in our industry.  

Does the interviewer mean that salespeople need to be technical experts?  

Unless the role is one of technical support, the answer is almost always a variable that can be turned to your favour.  


Experience in this instance is much more likely to be interpreted as the need for salespeople to demonstrate the capability to meet budget every month. 

If that interpretation is used, you are much more likely to gain a favourable impression with a response that builds confidence in budget busting rather than experience. 

Listening is an active process. 

Listening requires attention. 

Work to understand the thoughts, feelings and personal needs of the Interviewer, as well as the details. 

Be aware of your own biases. 

Try to keep an open mind. 

A light does not go on until contact is made, and an open mind can be very illuminating. 

Become an empathetic listener. 

Listen to understand the person as well as to hear the details. 

Stop talking. 

High Performance salespeople listen twice as much as they talk. 

Encourage the speaker to continue. 

Encourage the Customer to speak with words and gestures.  

Nod and Smile 


I see..." 

"Go on..."  

"How interesting..."  

"Tell me more..."  

"And what happened after that..." 


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