The best salespeople are like Diamonds.

Highly prized.Rarely found.

Assessment Centre

Recruiting potential staff members who have the correct aptitude, attitude and competency to meet the organisation's objectives is the first and most important step in building a high performance workforce. It's essential that you know precisely the attributes, motivational drives and core competencies that accurately predict high performance in your unique industry before you commence the recruitment process.

Armed with this knowledge you can confidently design your "low risk" recruitment strategy to match individual applicants to the known characteristics of high performing people.

Selecting the right salesperson who can be "Fast Tracked" to their full potential is an extremely complex process that should not, and must not, be left to chance.

Have you ever been absolutely certain that you've hired a winner, only to discover shortly after that the only thing they were ever really good at was the interview? It is of course a common trap that everyone falls into at some time.

Consider the following results from the way most organisations currently recruit:

  • 1 in 4 recruitment exercises result in the wrong person being recruited.
  • The cost of a wrong hire is between 75% and 150% of the position's annual salary. ( in sales this figure is often hundreds of thousands extra)
  • 50% of sales staff turnover occurs on or before the 7th month of employment.
  • 42% of corporate companies have faced unfair dismissal claims.
  • In excess of 60% of salespeople worldwide are underperforming.
  • Up to 70% of candidates admit to embellishing their resume.

These far from impressive results have been achieved from poor interviewing skills, selecting the best of a bad bunch and the application of the popular, yet scientifically unproven, recruitment method known as the "Gut Feel".

The Assessment Centre contains a suite of profiling tools that are both unique in design and presentation. Each profile has been specifically developed to provide you with an exceptionally clear picture of each individual's motivational drives, their aptitude for your sales position and their ability to employ selling skills, strategise and negotiate a sale to a successful conclusion.

This vital insight allows you to develop a precise strategy to

  • Select
  • Induct and
  • Develop

every member of the sales team to consistently produce exceptional results.

Your recruiters will never have experienced anything like it ever before.... it's unique and irrespective of your candidate's experience, the selling skills analysis cannot be cheated.

Without a process of objective analysis there is a natural tendency to rely on what is "hoped" will be true rather than "the reality", and this simply isn't a reliable method of programming for success.

    Once the concept of the Assessment Centre is mastered you will be able to:
  • Predict & hand-pick low risk salespeople using known attributes of "high achievers".
  • Improve staff retention rates through better hiring systems...with a clear set of tools to benchmark high achievers.
  • Predict in prospective employees "success factors" such as productivity, stability and customer care attitudes at the PRE- employment stage.
  • Define skills levels of revenue generating staff and pinpoint competency strategies to lift revenue, increase conversion rates and achieve higher gross margins.
  • Reduce your employment costs by giving you accurate personnel selection tools to match the entire workforce.
  • Provide the tools to attract, motivate and develop better people.