The purpose of sales training is to effect permanent change in the salesperson's knowledge bank and sales processes to enable the salesperson to achieve a "better"outcome.

Studies have proven that 87% of learning is forgotten in just 30 days without an effective mentoring and certification process.

87% of Learning is lost in 30 days without mechanisms such as a certification process.

Only by instilling, or developing, a set of high quality Sales Behaviours, supported by an effective coaching/mentoring system that measures each individual's progress to Mastery of the sales process, does long lasting change take place.

Weekly learning schedule example: Repeat for 12 weeks per performance level

Who Time Activity
Mentor / Salesperson 15 minutes Introduce eLearning workshop

Agree action plan

Agree support sales behaviours
Salesperson 60 minutes
(own time)
Skills development interactive course
Salesperson 15 minutes
(own time)
Print course worksheets

Describe top 5 priorities to apply the new behaviour

Develop 5 day implementation action plan
Mentor / Salesperson In-Field Apply new skills and sales behaviours during customer visits

Mentor observation and counselling
Salesperson 30 minutes
(own time)
Mentor workshop preparation
Mentor / Salesperson 15 minutes Mentor workshop


Agree competency rating

Agree action plan for continuous improvement