The Sales Development System is a systematic, common sense program, designed to assist you to grow your business profits and net assets.

It provides a complete solution that can be specifically adapted to the needs of YOUR business and sales team.

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What is involved?

There are four core elements to the Sales Development System, each of which has three modules that focus on an essential aspect of sales management. Together they provide the basis for sales development and business success.

This program will help you to eliminate the 7 Key Reasons why salespeople fail to reach their full potential or fail completely. These are:

  • Poor selection
  • Induction not geared to Key Success Behaviours
  • Unstructured sales processes
  • Low competency and productivity
  • Inadequate leadership & performance management
  • Lack of management systems for sales territory pipeline management
  • Antiquated new business development systems

What results can be expected?

Many businesses have already achieved mastery in the Sales Development System; and it shows in their performance. These are just some of the key benefits:

  • Immediate & substantial increases in sales revenue and overall profitability.
  • Better quality of business generated.
  • Sales productivity is improving.
  • Stability and culture of the organisation is increasing.
  • New markets are being developed.
  • Company image is constantly improving.
  • Sickness and absenteeism rates are decreasing.
  • Staff turnover levels (and the costs of replacing employees) are falling.
  • Companies are promoting more salespeople internally rather than recruiting from outside boosting morale and reducing overheads.