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Be part of the on-line learning revolution with the world’s #1 Interactive Sales Development System!

SalesXtra is a unique Membership system that greatly increases your opportunities to boost sales performance. Membership provides you with 12 months of low cost, high value access to the world's No1 on-line sales training system. You will receive all the tools, strategies and systems you will ever need to build a high performance sales team and develop a culture of winning on purpose.

When you combine brilliant new ideas, productivity systems, proven mentoring strategies and the amazing eLearning interactive multi-media library, the result is a world class, cost effective mentoring and coaching program.

Membership provides you with a complete system to attract motivate and develop better salespeople.

Better salespeople make better decisions; negotiate better business; at better margins.

Membership provides you with access to all the personal development and training systems you will ever need to raise every member of your sales team to the extreme profitability level.

The Assessment Centre profiles and selected eLearning courses also operate on Training Credits for those organisations with different needs. Training Credits have no expiry time limit and can be used whenever or wherever the organisation chooses.
You can purchase Training credits for a single course or profile or you can take advantage of the volume discount system.
SalesXtra Training Credits are an ideal way to experience the awesome power of eLearning and Assessment Profiles before you become a member

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The SalesXtra system is accessed by purchasing Training Credits.
Each credit has a value of

Assessment Centre profiles, E-Learning programs and Xtra Factor sales development programs require Training Credits to operate.

Purchased Training Credits have no time limit and you can use them whenever you want.
The value of each profile or program is clearly displayed at the time of allocating to each participant.
Your Training Credits total will be displayed in the Management database.

For more information about Training Credits, please click on any of the options below:

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  • Attitude Development : A Team v Z Team
  • Humour Moment : 5 Ways To Fail Fast
  • Attitude Development : Avoid Becoming a SNIOP
  • Humour Moment : Enthusiasm and Activity
  • Humour Moment : Hard Sell Bloopers