Positioning With the Buying Influencers


Irrespective of the length of the buying chain, or the number of people involved in the buying decision, there are always the same buying roles present in every complex sale. A primary objective in planning Account Development Strategies is to discover these key players, their roles and their buying process.

Target Audience

Internal and external salespeople.

Key Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Recognise, and position with, the buying influencers that are common to every complex sale.
  • Identify the characteristics of the Primary Decision Maker.
  • Understand the Key Success Criteria of individual buying influencers.
  • Position the sales proposal in order to meet the receptivity levels of individual buying influencers.
  • Establish a "Pathfinder" to provide information and guidance in developing the account.
  • Set strategies to maximise the impact of the solution in the buying influencer's specific areas of concern

Key Points

  • The 4 Common Buying Influencers.
  • Primary Decision Maker
  • Secondary Decision Maker
  • User Influencers
  • Technical Influencers
  • Selling concept before product.
  • Pathfinder v Blocker.
  • 5 receptivity levels.
  • Positioning with buying influencers personal needs.
  • Case Study. Positioning with the Buyer's Receptivity Levels.