The Competitive Buying Negotiator


A very powerful course designed to assist buyers to negotiate better settlements on any purchase or for salespeople to understand the strategies employed by competitive buying negotiators and develop counter tactics. Skilled buying negotiators always develop a set of well-rehearsed tactics that have proven to serve them well throughout their various negotiations and so enhance the likelihood of gaining a better settlement. Salespeople, who are not consciously aware of these tactics inevitably, and consistently, find themselves with a lesser result than anticipated.

Target Audience

Management: Buyers: Salespeople: All staff who interface with customers: Any individual who may be considering a significant "personal purchase" in the near future:


Negotiation has been described as:

  • Getting your own way.
  • A process of bargaining to reach an outcome.
  • The trading of concessions aimed at reaching an acceptable compromise
  • Persuading the other party to do business on your terms.

However it is defined, it reduces to a process of bargaining or trading in an effort to effect a transaction that each party would like to result in a benefit for themselves. At the same time, each party realises that they may have to settle for a little less, or sometimes even a lot less, than they would like, depending on how desperate they are to arrive at an outcome. This means that the outcome of a negotiator can vary according to the circumstances. The buying negotiator's skill at extracting concessions is displayed through their use of negotiating strategies to obtain additional concessions from salespeople.

Key Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this course participants will be able to:

Organise Negotiation into the 4 stages of Preparation: Preliminaries: Bargaining: Finalising:

Recognise and Position with Competitive Buying Negotiating Strategies:

  • Prepare a negotiating "Shopping List".
  • Gain the Negotiation Initiative.
  • Adjust the other party's outcome expectations in the preliminary stages.
  • Introduce "Intimidation" tactics
  • Draw the other party into revealing their opening offer.
  • Neutralise the other party's strengths.
  • Alternate negotiating styles

Employ the 10 Negotiating guidelines for buyers:

  • Include a satisfactory situation for the salesperson.
  • Study the salesperson during the preliminaries.
  • Reaffirm that this is a competitive negotiation
  • Don't be afraid to bid lower than expected.
  • Learn not to give in too easily.
  • Use time to your advantage.
  • Make a shopping list.
  • Confirm all concessions as they are donated or traded.
  • Introduce Straw Men.
  • Test for a collaborative option.