Buying Negotiators personal workshop


This very popular course commences the trio of multi-media negotiation courses. This course provides an opportunity for individuals to gain an in depth understanding of the negotiating process through the eyes of experienced and competitive buyers.

Target Audience

Management: Buyers: Salespeople: All staff interfacing with customers: Any person considering a significant "personal purchase" in the near future:

Purchasing Case Study

The case study involves purchasing a ride-on lawn mower. This is an unusual item of equipment that few people will ever purchase. However, all the skills necessary for a large capital equipment purchase or a personal purchase will be necessary to successfully complete the case study.

Key Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Analyse their own unique negotiating style and recognise the strengths and weaknesses of their personal profile.
  • Develop strategies and negotiation tactics to maximise the material outcome and retain the personal relationship.
  • Discover the material expectations of the other party and adjust these expectations downward when required.
  • Prepare strategies prior to negotiation to achieve a better settlement.
  • Conduct a competitive negotiation.
  • Understand the necessity to prepare an opening position, settlement objective and fallback position prior to commencing the negotiation

Key Points

  • Preferred Negotiating Style Analysis.
  • 5 Negotiating Outcomes.
  • The Two Basic Negotiating Styles.
  • The Negotiating Matrix.
  • Structuring a competitive negotiation.