Tactical Probing Skills


This essential course provides a structured approach in a business-to-business "Needs Analysis" through Tactical Probing Skills. The information gained through Tactical Probing Skills will allow the salesperson to match unique selling points with the Customer's dominant buying motives and so bring an intensity of focus to the presentation that is rarely available without strategic planning. The unique "gearbox" style directory assists in delivering the concept of "Selling on Purpose", where activity is done on purpose to a purpose.

Target Audience

Internal and external salespeople, sales management, and marketing.

Key Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Structure a needs analysis process using tactical probing skills to encourage the Customer to discuss freely the need for new solutions.
  • Develop strategies to discover and position with the SIZE of the Customer's problems.
  • Adopt a very strong "asking" style of selling to develop strategic accounts to their full potential. .
  • Distinguish between statements of direct and indirect needs.
  • Project a "consultants" image during the needs analysis through tactical probing skills.
  • Discover and position with, the Customer's dominant buying motive.

Key Points

  • The 4 Key elements of Tactical Probing Skills (O.P.E.N. Formula).
  • Avoiding the common selling traps in the needs analysis phase of the account development.
  • Analysing buyers' statements of needs.
  • Connecting probing sequences using the ASK-LISTEN-FEEDBACK communication system.
  • Recognising account development opportunities.
  • QPSQ graveyard of the Salesperson.
  • Maintaining momentum in account development.
  • Close the sale through the eyes of the buyer.
  • Case Study featuring low-receptive customer situations.

Case Study:

  • - Meeting a competitive negotiator
  • - Discovering the size of the customer's problem
  • - Gaining pre-commitment
  • - Maintaining control of future account development.