Setting Standards of Performance


Setting standards of performance demonstrates the system of achieving "constant efforts at improvement" with all staff members. Participants will be able to apply this system to an individual or a team's objectives and task performance.

Target Audience

Suited to all staff with a leadership or mentoring role.

For Performance standards to have any relevance they must be credible and achievable. A standard that is set too high has little credibility and as a result people won't even try to achieve what they would describe as a quantum leap. Conversely, a standard that is set too low has even less credibility.

At the end of this multi-media interactive course participants will be able to:

  • Write performance standards that are Specific, Measurable and Mandatory.
  • Break the job down into bite sized pieces.
  • Develop a simple measurement system for all standards.
  • Apply a 5-step formula in praising performance.
  • Conduct performance reviews with difficult people.