Negotiating for Profit


A very popular non-multi-media course designed to challenge participants to complete a negotiation case study as both a buyer and a seller.

Target Audience

All Staff.


This case study places the salesperson into a negotiation where they must use all the skills of a professional buyer plus the persuasion skills of a salesperson in order to achieve the maximum outcomes from the case study.

The case study explores the participant's understanding of negotiating personal power and their ability to influence others to their ideas and objectives. There are 9 scenarios in the case study. Each scenario contains multiple choice options with a comparison response to the selected option. The objective is to complete the negotiation in the least amount of options and record a rating of 100%.

Key Points

When influencing & persuading participants will learn to:

  • Be influential in meetings and negotiations.
  • Be creative in developing win-win opportunities.
  • Sound confident and reassuring.
  • Gain commitment to their plans and objectives.
  • Be intuitive in satisfying the other party’s personal and organisational needs.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Be assertive and confident in all situations.
  • Set the agenda for the negotiation.
  • Display a high tolerance to negotiating discomfort.
  • Persist with the other party and focus on achieving the desired outcome for both parties.
  • Finalise the negotiation.