Match Benefits to Customer Needs


This essential course provides the Salesperson with skills and strategies to successfully persuade a Customer to view the benefits of their products or services favourably and call for a buying decision.

Target Audience

Internal and external salespeople.

Key Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this program participants will be able to:

  • Prepare a product or personal presentation using the A.I.D.C.A. method of gaining commitment.
  • Present concepts and products through the buyer's eyes.
  • Use visual aids professionally.
  • Add "Advantage" statements to product features.
  • Deliver "Benefit" statements that satisfy the Customer's stated needs.
  • Match product/service benefits to the stated needs of the Customer
  • Close the sale through the eyes of the buyer.

Key Points

  • The A.I.D.C.A method of persuasion.
  • Gaining attention in the opening stages.
  • Controlling a brochure or desk presentation
  • Raising desire by matching benefits to stated needs.
  • Developing trust and conviction with the buying influencers.
  • Closing the sale after a product demonstration.