The skills & strategies provided in this course provide a platform for the salesperson to control the sale through reflexive questioning techniques, negotiate from power and convey confidence to the customer when faced with difficult selling situations.

Target Audience

Internal & External Salespeople

Module I: Control the Sale with Question


In this course participants will take part in a series of exercises designed to assist the Salesperson to retain control of the sale and prevent obstacles from developing as a result of poor sales processes.

Key Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Use reflexive question strategies to maintain control of the sales direction.
  • Provide information and call for customer understanding.
  • Answer a question with a question.
  • Answer with a question and add on a request for action.
  • Search out the thinking behind the Customer's question.

Module II : Sell Concept Before Product

Key Learning Outcomes:

In this module participants will assist a salesperson to overcome an assertive/hostile customer who is currently satisfied with the existing supplier and is extremely low receptive to change. This is a fun exercise that contains several larger than life exercises that hopefully salespeople will never experience; it does, however, serve to demonstrate that "behaviour breeds behaviour".

  • Focus the customer's attention on to the current product or service being used.
  • Discover the selection criteria previously used.
  • Confirm that benefits have been gained from current product/service.
  • Summarise and gain agreement on the value of considering new solutions.

Module III : C.L.I.N.G. Sales Formula


This vibrant selling strategy introduces a remarkably effective skill in dealing with low receptive buyers.

Part I :

Provides a detailed insight into the causes of low receptivity and positions the customer's natural receptivity levels into 5 important categories.

Part II :

Introduces the C.L.I.N.G. Sales Formula.

C.L.I.N.G. is an acronym that describes a very effective five-step probing sequence. The sequence allows the salesperson to follow a proven process and remain in his/her comfort zone and persuasively open the Customer's mind to considering alternative solutions.

Part III :

Features the C.L.I.N.G. Sales Coach. The coach demonstrates a variety of applications for the C.L.I.N.G. Sales Formula, providing insight into the traps for unwary salespeople. The coach assists in personalising the skills in the participant's unique selling situation.

Key Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Understand the 4 categories of buyer's needs.
  • Recognise and position with the buyer's receptivity level.
  • Gather information on Primary Needs.
  • Introduce Unique Selling Points.
  • Call for pre-commitment prior to presenting their product/service or solution.
  • Handle obstacles associated with low receptivity to change.

Module IV:Handling Procrastination

Key Learning Outcomes:

An obstacle is any response or action by a buying influencer that impedes or interrupts progress in the sale.

In this course participants will meet with a low assertive customer who is reluctant to advance the sale even though there could be great benefits.

The salesperson's ability to handle this unexpected "Moment of Truth" relates directly to their preparedness and readiness to face the unexpected.

The goal when meeting an impasse is to regain momentum as quickly as possible to avoid the sale cooling off or even worse the opposition assuming a lead role. With a low assertive person this can be a particularly difficult and frustrating task. Naturally cautious by nature, this type of customer has a tendency to baulk at change quite readily if left to their own decision making pace.

Participants will discover a 5 step process in maintaining momentum; Each step is designed to advance the salesperson's action plan and ensures that the customer feels confident about making a positive decision.